Product warranty policy HECKLER

All HECKLER products distributed will be warranted under the following regulations:

1 / Warranty period

  • Warranty from 12 months for all products.

2 / Warranty conditions

A. Cases covered (free repair or replacement if any)

  • The product has a full purchase invoice and warranty card attached.
  • Damage to the product due to component quality or manufacturer’s fault.
  • Products are still in warranty period: from 12 months from date of purchase (date of purchase is the date indicated on the invoice of purchase).

B. The cases are not covered (customers must pay the cost of repairing and replacing accessories if any)

  • Warranty card is lost, not intact, separated, erased. Do not complete the information on the front of the warranty card.
  • Damages, deformations due to natural disasters (floods, tsunamis, lightning strikes, …) or objective causes (fire, electric shock, house collapse …).
  • There is rust or corrosion, oxidized by chemical detergents, industrial chemicals.
  • The user causes defects such as deformations, cracks, scratches.
  • Installation, maintenance, and use of the product incorrectly according to Heckler’s instructions may cause damage.
  • Product is changed, repaired not under the official dealers, distributors of Heckler.
  • Products not purchased from agents, official distributors of Heckler.
  • Product warranty period has expired.
  • Damage caused by arbitrary disassembly or repair, or replacement of the product with non-Heckler parts or components or not specified by Heckler.
  • Parts that must be regularly replaced and corroded over time of use such as gaskets, …
Please refer to: Delivery policy at Heckler Vietnam
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